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Round Table most ingenious

A new invention of a classical table

A prominent discussion-forum, talks among friends, opulent round table or a boisterous games night - everything is going "round" at this table.

In 1986, when the EXPO took place in Vancouver, Dipl. Des. Peter Messerschmidt, an outsider of the designer's scene, was the only German, presenting his artistic concepts regarding "communication" in its wider context.

His Round Table removes all obstacles, needs no bothering table-legs and yet it is most stable. With its central table-leg, everybody can stretch his legs boundlessly.

Baltec Design - Round Table
Aufsicht Baltec Design Manometer The patented fastening of the tabletop, which is made of strong glass of 15 millimetres and based underneath by means of a vacuum with a pressure effect of 1000 kg ensures stability and flexibility. On demand, air can stream in by menas of a valve and the connection will then be detached. This technique ensures an easy taking apart together with a maximum stability of the connection. The delivered pump will produce the vacuum with the greatest of ease. controlled by a build-in pressure gauge.
Baltec Design Round Table

The Round Table as a symbol for an open communication among equal partners. Communication always with a direct connection between people, who are really present.

The form as a result of the function. The design of our Round Table is timeless, elegant and its solid statics is combined with the lightness of its appearance. The special materials guarantee a long-lastingness.

Two flat cupolas of different sizes and connected with bars serve as a basement. They are made of stainless steel, forged and cut by the designer himself. The material, generous in its thickness, allows another cut after some time being in use. On demand, the tabletop can be made of hardening glass. Every table is a unique object with its own serial number and the producer's logo.

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